If you’re looking for handmade gift ideas look no further! Here are 50+ creative and heartwarming gift ideas that you can make for your near and dear ones. 

This round up of ideas includes gifts kids can make, gifts YOU can make for kids, plus ideas for teachers, friends, pet lovers and even some cool ideas for wrapping them up!

50+ handmade gift ideas for family, friends, kids and teachers #handmadechristmas #handmade #kidscrafts #easycrafts #giftideas

Personally I love receiving handmade things. Anybody can go to Kmart and buy a mug or candle and some chocolates, but not many people in this day and age will take the time to make something by hand for you.

I encourage my kids to make things for their grandparents, friends and teachers too. They are starting to get to an age where they take notice of the “monetary value” in things, and sometimes think giving a handmade gift means you must be a cheapskate. Not so! The materials often cost money (if you don’t have them at home already) and time is one of the most valuable things we possess. Not to mention the skill, effort and patience it takes which are all valuable things. 

I’ve also found that whilst handmade gifts may not be the trendiest thing on the Christmas wish list, especially for kids who are fixated on Shopkins and Fidget Spinners (whoops, that was last year), they tend to last much longer. Toy trends will always come and go but handmade things are classics which often encourage pretend and imaginary play and don’t go out of fashion. Many of our handmade toys received literally years of regular use, and were still in great condition years later.

Without further ado, here are more than 50 fabulous handmade gifts to inspire you to get creative this Christmas.

Lets kick it off with some gift ideas that kids can make or help to make. Making things for people they care about helps to reinforce the true meaning of Christmas, and we all know that whilst kid-made gifts may not look perfect they make up for it by being packed full of love. 

Gift ideas that kids can make for friends

50+ handmade gift ideas - gifts kids can make for their friends #handmadechristmas #handmade #kidscrafts #easycrafts #giftideas

• What BFF wouldn’t want a matching clay heart BFF necklace with funky beads? by Pink Stripy Socks
• These totally chic pendants were made by a 5 year old from glue and paint. They would make a great gift for friends, but also for teachers, Mums or Aunties too, by Oh Creative Day for The Craft Train
• A pretty fringed flower bag from felt makes a great first sewing project idea, and would also make a sweet handmade gift for a friend. By Coloured Buttons for The Craft Train
How adorable are these hand-sewn pocket mice? You can get the full tutorial to make them over at Rhythms of Play
These felt flower hair clips make a sweet gift for kids’ friends, or a nice addition to a gift of clothing
• Make some easy finger knit friendship necklaces. These ones were made by my daughter for her best friends.

50+ handmade gift ideas - gifts kids can make for their friends #handmadechristmas #handmade #kidscrafts #easycrafts #giftideas

Dinosaur softies are another fun sewing project for kids and would make rawsome gifts! Get the free pattern here
• Hand out some design-an-ornament gift bags to classmates as an alternative to candy canes or chocolate Santas
• Candles are super popular as gifts at Christmas time, but have you ever seen rainbow candles made from crayons? This is a cool STEAM craft which makes an equally cool gift, by Steam Powered Family
• Make some ultra cute leaf softies using a combination of fabric printing and sewing. By Mother Natured
DIY bath bombs make great gifts because they are so much FUN, plus consumable so they won’t create unnecessary clutter in somebody’s home. These ones are kid-made, you can find the recipe over at Red Ted Art

Handmade gift ideas for teachers

Let me remind you that these are the people we hand our kids over to for around 35 hours per week. They are so much more than “just teachers”, helping to give our kids not only knowledge and learning support but also encouragement, self confidence and social skills too. Having said that teachers tend to get bombarded with gifts at the end of the year, so choosing a teacher gift that stands out from the pack can be tough!

In the end I always think the thought that goes into it is what teachers appreciate the most, so handmade gifts and cards are perfect in that respect.

50+ handmade gift ideas - gifts for teachers #handmadechristmas #handmade #kidscrafts #easycrafts #giftideas

• You can get these thank you card printables over at Picklebums. Little kids can make rainbow handprints, whilst bigger kids can colour their own card and list the things they find awesome about their teacher. This would be great for anybody really – not just teachers
• Why make ordinary bath bombs when you can make peaches and cream bath bombs? I think the teachers could probably do with a relaxing bath after all they put up with! These are by Kicking it with Kelly for The Craft Train
• You can order these meaningful personalised name prints from Long Dog Design on ETSY
• Make a recycled cereal box bookmark! This would go well with a book gift, or just on it’s own too
• I love these stationary themed mason pencil jars, perfect for storing school supplies by Color made Happy

Gift ideas for friends and Neighbours

50+ handmade gift ideas - gifts for friends #handmadechristmas #handmade #kidscrafts #easycrafts #giftideas

• If you are the gardening type, you’ll be able to easily put together a home grown gift basket. This is something my kids helped their gran make, and it’s filled with dried home-grown herbs, paper daisies, lavender and some handmade cards
• If you don’t have time to make your own soap you can buy handmade. Find this honey bee soap over at Ninas Bees Shop on ETSY
• This is more than a bracelet – it’s a handmade diffusing bracelet scented with essential oils. By The Soccer Mom
• Kids will love making a gingerbread house. We make them every year to give to family and friends, and also take one along to our street Christmas party
• Spoil somebody with some handmade Raspberry Lemonade Sugar Scrub, get the recipe over at Encouraging Moms at Home

Handmade gift ideas for Mums (or Moms)

50+ handmade gift ideas - gifts for mums #handmadechristmas #handmade #kidscrafts #easycrafts #giftideas

• Kids can help to make this personalised chopping board which Mum will treasure every time she chops the veggies (if you can bear to use it for that), by Adventure in a Box
• Mums will love to wear this salt dough thumb print necklace, by Spaceships and Laserbeams
Silhouette ornaments make beautiful keepsakes for the Christmas tree, by Buggy and Buddy
• Create some easy jewellery dishes for all of the handmade jewellery you’re giving Mum! by Projects with Kids
• These cracked gem stone jewellery creations are stunning – Mum is sure to love them! By Color made Happy

Handmade gift ideas for Dads

50+ handmade gift ideas - gifts for dads #hadechristmas #handmade #kidscrafts #easycrafts #giftideas

• What Dad wouldn’t want an adorable rock photo holder with a picture of the mini-maker in it on his desk? Get the full instructions at Buggy and Buddy
• Kids can make dad some bath salts with essential oils to soothe his aching muscles. This recipe is by The Gingerbread House and can be found over at Red Ted Art
You can get your child’s drawing engraved into a stylish leather tray – Dad is going to love it! Order one over at Paper Anniversary Love on ETSY
• Kids will have fun making Dad some soap using this recipe by Encouraging Moms at Home
• Dad will never lose his golf ball amongst all those boring white ones again! Get kids to personalise them with their own decorations, by School time snippets

Handmade gifts for Grandparents

50+ handmade gift ideas - gifts for grandparents #handmadechristmas #handmade #kidscrafts #easycrafts #giftideas

• Get the kids stamping some gorgeous kid-crafted tea towels to cheer Grandpa up every time he does the dishes, by The Gifty Girl
• Sparkly salt dough handprint ornaments will be treasured by Grandma for years to come, by The Best Ideas for Kids
• This cute fingerprint Christmas platter would make a fabulous gift for Nanna & Pop, you could even bake some cookies to place on it and wrap up in clear cello wrap. By Non Toy Gifts
• Everybody knows how Grandkids Make Life Grand! This stunning wall plaque can be strung with your own favourite grandkid pictures and would be something grandparents would LOVE. Available from Mama Don’t Blink on ETSY
• I adore this snow globe personalised with a photograph, and so will any Grandparent! Kids can even help to make them, by The Best Ideas for Kids
• Get your kids to design some coasters to make Nanna smile every time she has a cup of tea. By Slapdash Mom

Handmade gifts to make for kids

DIY toys are the best! It’s easy to make toys that will keep kids happy (and busy) for a long time to come. Here are a few ideas…

50+ handmade gift ideas - DIY toys to make for kids #handmadechristmas #handmade #kidscrafts #easycrafts #giftideas

• Make a hand-sewn plushy mermaid doll like these cuties by Red Ted Art
For kids who love baking, why not put together a personalised cupcake kit? This one is by Non Toy Gifts
• My girls loved these weather rocks in a drawstring bag which I made for them a few years ago
• What about a DIY Unicorn Hobby Horse? So fun! By Adventure in a Box
• I love this DIY cookie matching game. It would also be fun to use in pretend play, by Make it Your Own

50+ handmade gift ideas - DIY toys to make for kids #handmadechristmas #handmade #kidscrafts #easycrafts #giftideas

• I can’t imagine any kid not loving this DIY toy tree house, By Adventure in a Box
• Superheroes need somewhere to live too! You could made them a DIY Super Hero Dollhouse like this one by Non Toy Gifts
Add to the fun of imaginary pirate game with a hand sewn felt Pirate map, by Party Through the USA
• Make a dinosaur small world in a suitcase, perfect for Dinosaur games and also great for roadtrips!

50+ handmade gift ideas - DIY toys to make for kids #handmadechristmas #handmade #kidscrafts #easycrafts #giftideas

• Make play dough a bit more magical by creating a kit of  sparkly unicorn play dough with accessories? By Mama Papa Bubba
Make a relaxing zen garden with coloured sand and a few seashells like these ones by Projects with Kids
Cinnamon cookie play dough was a big hit at our place, and would also make a lovely gift along with a small rolling pion and a few cookie cutters
• Kids will love this easy Dinosaur Succulent Garden, they could also help to make one for a friend or relative

50+ handmade gift ideas - DIY toys to make for kids #handmadechristmas #handmade #kidscrafts #easycrafts #giftideas

• Super hero fans will love these Super Hero spoon puppets!
• These garden rocks in a drawstring bag are fun to use in imaginary play 
• How beautiful is this DIY mermaid lantern jar? Includes free printable template, by Adventure in a Box for Red Ted Art
Braided yarn dolls are a classic which are cute, quick and easy to make
• Pretend play tea parties are way more fun with these simple hand painted rock cakes

Gifts for pets and pet lovers

We love our pets! Of course they will be getting a little something under the tree on Christmas morning. If you know somebody who adores their pet a pet-themed gift is a nice idea too.

50+ handmade gift ideas - gifts for pets and pet lovers #handmadechristmas #handmade #kidscrafts #easycrafts #giftideas

• Use heat transfer paper to make a DIY pillow pet version of somebody’s favourite furry friend!
• These recycled scrap fabric dog toys are so simple to make
• Make the dog some yummy peanut butter dog treats, you can get the recipe from In the Kids Kitchen

DIY gift wrapping ideas

If you want to finish your handmade gift off in style here are a few gift wraping ideas!

50+ handmade gift ideas - gift wrapping ideas #handmadechristmas #handmade #kidscrafts #easycrafts #giftideas

• I love these reusable cozy wraps made from repurposed sweaters
• Here is some gorgeous kid-made wrapping paper, visit Make it Your own to see lots of different fun ways you can make it
• Decorate a plain gift bag with cupcake liners like we did with this easy flower gift bag
• These kid-made gift tags use a fun foil printing technique kids will love, by Oh Creative Day for The Craft Train
• Make some eco-friendly reusable gift wrap, like this pretty one by Buggy and Buddy
• Repurpose old Christmas cards into DIY gift card holders, by Organized 31
• These printable Christmas baskets make sweet gifts filled with something small

So, I’m hoping I’ve given you a few ideas to get busy making this Christmas. Have fun!

50+ handmade gift ideas for family, friends, kids and teachers #handmadechristmas #handmade #kidscrafts #easycrafts #giftideas