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Times tables are an essential element of basic math that gives a solid grounding for more complex things to come. So kids do need to memorise them, even if it’s boring and they don’t want to.

Here are six fun printable activities to help make it easier – and a little less boring too.

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Times table fun pack for kids

Getting kids to sit down and learn something repetitive isn’t easy, especially if you’re not the authoritarian type (I’m not).

It’s far easier to get them to do fun stuff – like play games, colour in, make cool things and read good books.

These 6 printable times table activities combine all those elements into learning activities that have been designed to help memorise the multiplication tables.

Times table bookmarks - practice and memorise times tables by reading them before you read your favourite book! A printable set which can be used as either a wall poster or cut into strips and used as bookmarks #multiplication #math #timestables #learningactivities

Printable times table bookmarks

Both my kids love reading, which is why I came up with these bookmarks. Read the bookmark through once before getting started every time you sit down to read. 

This would work great for read-aloud books too, so the adult can practice together with the child.

These times table bookmarks are available as a freebie download and they are also included in our fun bundle.

Printable multiplication mandalas, a non-stressful and relaxing way for kids to practice and reinforce their times tables #timestables #multiplication #math #geometricshapes #patterns #mandalas

Times Table mandalas

Practicing the times tables is not very relaxing for anyone involved – but colouring in is.

Each printable mandla focuses on one multiplication table and has a colour key on the page with the answers forming a pattern that kids can colour in. Double check their finished work with the printable answer sheet.

You can get the full set of printable mandalas individually in our store or as part of our fun bundle.

DIY spinners for learning multiplication tables – printable template available #timestables #multiplication #learning #kidscrafts #educationprintables #multiplicationtables #superfunprintables

Times Tables Spinners

This is a fun STEM craft. Print the template to card stock, then layer and clip together with a split pin paper fastener. The finished spinner spins to show the correct answer to every multiplication sum.

You can purchase the template to make the spinners individually in our store or get them as part of the fun bundle.

multiplication madness game

Multiplication Madness Game

Play two different games with this printable game board.

  1. Practice one table – Place the number you are practicing in the centre of the board, and your game piece anywhere in the circle. Roll the dice, and multiply whichever number you land on with the number in the centre. If you get the answer correct, take a button or glass bead. Keep playing until the timer ends (we set it for two minutes per player).
  2. Practice all tables – Play the same way as above only without a number in the centre of the board. Instead, multiply the number you land on with the number on the dice.

Times table memory match

Times table memory match

This game works the same way as any game of memory match, only instead of finding matching picture or cards, the multiplication question needs to match the answer. Set the question cards up on one half of the grid and the answer cards on the other half.

It’s quite tricky – and fun too!

You can purchase the memory match cards individually in our store and they are also a part of our fun bundle.

fun times table bingo game for kids

Times Table Bingo

What kids doesn’t love a game of Bingo? In Times Table Bingo you need to find the answers to the multiplication questions on the card and cover them with a button or glass bead.

This has been designed as a solo game with the complete answers to one multiplication table on each card. You could play it in a group for practice too but there would not be a ‘winner’, since everybody’s cards would be the same.

You can get the solo Bingo cards individually in our shop or as a part of our fun bundle.

Get the times table fun pack

You can get all of these printables in one great-value set, saving you 40% off the price if you purchased them individually.

My kids had fun with these activities at home. I hope it helps your kids learn their times tables too.

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