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This bee valentine chocolate wrapper is buzzing with cuteness and is SO quick and easy to make using our printable template.

Kids can make them to hand out to friends or to give to someone special as a Valentine’s Day treat.

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Bee mine printable valentines Day candy bar wrapper

Bzzz Bzzz… Valentines Day is just around the corner and we have some new printable valentines to help celebrate.

The template to make these “Bee Mine” chocolate bees is absolutely free. Simply print and wrap around a chocolate bar.

We’ve used small chocolates which come in a 5-pack at Aldi Supermarkets (in Australia). If these are not available where you live or you have a different variety of chocolate you like more, the wrapper is adaptable to a certain degree. The size is 103mm high (just over 4″), with a flat width of 137mm (5.4″). That’s before wrapping around a bar of chocolate.

If you’re going with an alternative type of chocolate try it on one for size first before buying a whole lot of them.

Enter your details in the space provided and the free printable bee chocolate wrapper template will be emailed to you.

Let’s make it.

How to make a Bee Mine Valentine Chocolate

  1. Print out the template
  2. Cut out the pieces
  3. Glue the stripy body shape around your chocolate
  4. Glue the heart-shaped antennae on to the head
  5. Glue the wings onto the back
  6. Optionally, glue the to/from label onto the back

Bee chocolate bar template

steps – bee Mine Valentine wrapper

Bee Mine Valentine bar wrapper

Bee Mine Chocolate bar wrapper – free printable Valentine gift

Told you it was easy! Do you know anyone who’d like a bee chocolate for Valentine’s Day?

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Bee Mine Valentine bar wrapper