What to get a kid who likes baking? What do you get a kid chef? Check out this awesome list of best cooking gifts for kids! Bakers will love these gift ideas!

Baking and cooking in the kitchen together can help kids build a variety of skills.

Why is it important to bake with kids?

Here are five reasons that it’s important to bake with your kids.

  1. It is fun and delicious! It’s a great connecting activity for kids and parents.
  2. Baking (and cooking together) encourages your kids to explore new foods.
  3. Skills like counting, measuring, and reading can be practiced as you bake!
  4. Kids can build all sorts of hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as they bake (rolling dough, decorating cupcakes, squeezing icing, etc.)
  5. Kids can practice following directions, sequencing, and organizing as they work in the kitchen. Following recipes and completing a baking project are also good skills to learn.

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20+ Gift Ideas for Kids Who Love to Bake (or Cook)

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These gift ideas for kids who love the kitchen are great for a variety of ages of kids! Click on the name of each item for more details.

  1. Kid sized apron– Aprons make you feel like you’re official. Aprons also keep kid’s clothes a little tidier.

2. Learning Tower– Learning towers help keep kids safe while they are helping in the kitchen. They help kids climb easily and help in the kitchen. No falls off stools and chairs.

3. Curious Chef Kid Friendly Knives– These knives cut well and are easy for kids to use.

4. The Ultimate Kids Baking Book by Tiffany Dahle- Such a great resource for kids learning to bake! Big kids can use it by themselves, younger kids can use it with help.

5. Pancake Pen– Pancakes are the easiest food to make. Use a pancake pen to easily draw letters, shapes, and make pictures.

6. Cupcake decorating kit– These real tools are fun to use and help kids get excited about baking.

7. Baketivity Cooking & Baking Set– Such a great baking set for kids.

8. Electric Griddle– This keeps kids away from the stove and is easy to use anywhere in the kitchen that has an outlet.

9. Toaster Oven– Help kids be independent with baking by teaching them how to use a toaster oven. It’s easier for them to access and use by themselves/

10. Silicone Baking Mats– Make clean up and baking easy with these silicone baking mats!

11. Cookie/muffin scoops– Kids love using these to scoop cookie dough, cupcakes, muffins, and more!

12. Gift Certificate to a Baking/Chef Class- Is there somewhere near you that has baking classes for kids? Buy them a gift certificate and let them experience the fun of baking!

13. Klutz Mini Bake Shop– Simple crafty baking projects that kids will love.

Pretend Play

Not only is it fun to play chef in a real kitchen, it’s also awesome to play in a pretend kitchen! Pretend play in the kitchen is a great first experience baking and cooking for kids! It’s much less messy too!

Scroll through the gift ideas below for some awesome tools that will make pretend play in the kitchen a lot more fun.

14. Play Kitchen (indoors)

15. Play kitchen (outdoors)

16. Melissa & Doug Wooden Food

17. Melissa & Doug Wooden Bake Set

18. Kid sized table and chairs

19. Pretend Play Kitchen Sink (with working water)

20. Melissa & Doug Pots and Pans

21. Playdough Baking Playdate

22. Playdough Noodle Playset

Do you have any other favorite awesome cooking gifts for kids? Share them in the comments! We are always looking for more ideas.