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Here’s a super fun 3D Christmas tree doodle art project. This is a great way to decorate for the holidays and it’s suitable for a broad range of ages (7 and up).

Doodle art takes time and a steady hand so younger kids may not have the patience to complete the activity.

The finished Christmas tree artwork ‘pops’ out from the page, giving it a cool 3D effect and it looks awesome hanging on the wall.

Get the template here

Doodle art Christmas trees

We have a thing for doodle art! We’ve got doodle bugs, doodle spiders, doodle hearts, doodle leaves and now we bring you a holiday version — doodle trees!

I love the creative license kids have with this project. Each tree is unique with a pattern of their own design, and you can go full-colour OR single-colour marker on a brightly coloured background. Both work well.

We’ve glued our trees to black cardstock to really make the colours ‘pop’, but feel free to glue them to any background of your choice.

Tree art side view

Here’s how to make a doodle tree artwork at home …

How to make a 3D Christmas tree doodle art project

You will need:

  • Card stock in white or bright colours depending on which option you are going with
  • Coloured markers or permanent sharpie markers
  • Black card stock for the background (or your choice of colour)
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • The Christmas tree template, also available in our TPT store

How to:

Print the template out onto card stock.

Christmas tree doodle art steps

Decorate the trees with a freestyle doodle pattern. Colour the star and tree trunk.

Christmas tree art steps

Score the fold lines with either a blunt butter knife and ruler or a scoring tool. This step is optional, but it does give crisp, clean fold lines and make step 5 easier.

Christmas tree art - score the fold lines

Cut the trees, star and trunk out.

Cut the doodle shapes out

Fold the trees in half and glue them in a stack of three.

3D tree art steps

doodle art steps

Glue onto your background card stock with the star on top and the trunk underneath.

Finished Christmas tree doodle art

Christmas tree art

Don’t you just love doodle art?

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