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Today we’re sharing a fun set of printable creative prompts for kids.

This is a free printable which includes 53 creative challenge cards to get kids thinking, designing, drawing, painting, building and making.

Kids will love this fun STEAM activity that gives them a starting point to go from so they can use their imaginations and have fun without having the pressure of a “right or wrong” finished product to produce. An added bonus is you don’t have to sit with them and hold their hand while they make it, they can work independently at their own level.

This printable was first published in April 2020 and has been updated and reshared for today’s audience

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What does the word creativity mean when you apply it to a child’s art, craft or design project? Does it mean they ought to come up with the idea themselves? That their work should be a masterpiece in order to earn the “creative” label, or that it needs to be completely unique in comparison to anything ever done before? Would that make it worthy of being called creative?

Is a “creative child” one who is blessed with great talent?

My answer to this is don’t overthink it. All it really means is that kids are getting the opportunity to use their imagination. That’s it, end of story, and ALL children are creative. 

My pet hate is hearing people (usually grown ups) say things like “I’m not creative” or “I can’t draw”. I don’t believe them! If you can pick up a pencil you can learn to draw. If you have a brain in your head you can use your imagination. Judgment and comparison is usually what causes people to think they are not creative (or maybe it’s the fear of judgement and comparison).

Creative activities should be judgement-free and are relaxing and therapeutic. This is why people lose track of time when drawing, painting or crafting – it’s a bit like meditating. 

Often kids will just start drawing, crafting or building things because the mood strikes them and they feel like it. But, sometimes they’re bored and need a little bit of prompting. 

When using these creative challenge cards allow your kids to make, design and draw stuff without judging the finished product. The sky and their imagination is the only limit, and when they’re happy with it it’s done. There is no need for perfection. If they ask for your feedback point out what you like about it, and ask them if they feel happy with what they’ve made.

Why use creative prompts?

  • It gives the imagination a starting point
  • Helps develop problem-solving skills
  • Helps develop drawing and art skills
  • Creative activities are calming and relaxing
  • They’re good for those “I’m bored” moments
  • Gets kids doing art and craft independently, developing confidence
  • Arts and crafts are fun!

Our creative challenge cards have been designed to use with basic, everyday materials like art supplies, recyclables, paper, nature and whatever else you have around the house.

Most of the creative prompts give plenty of room for open-ended results, but I have also included some still life art prompts which encourage observation and develop drawing skills.

How to use our creative challenge cards

  1. Print out the set of cards. Card stock is best for durability but paper is also fine
  2. Cut the cards up and put them in a box or jar
  3. Have kids choose a card or pick one at random
  4. Let them create what they like independently, but give help or suggestions if they ask

Print the cards out and cut them up, then put them in a box or jar

Challenge cards ready to go

We’ve been using creative challenge cards as afternoon activities during our homeschool time. They’re great for when the girls are beginning to lose focus on their reading and math work. I can’t resist a good creative challenge myself (must be the designer in me) and have been doing some of the activities along side them.

You can see our results are far from perfect, but perfection isn’t the goal. I’ve avoided giving tips and hints to what I think the girls should do and just let them create what they wanted.

write your name in fancy lettering challenge

creative challenges executed by kids

Print out the creative prompts and see what ideas your kids can come up with!

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