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We adore nature crafts, and today I’m sharing one of our all-time favourites, a DIY nature craft construction kit.

This simple STEM craft idea is a way to encourage open-ended nature play. The things we’ve created with our kit are merely examples, there are so many possibilities for kids to use their own imaginations with this activity.

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nature STEM craft idea for kids - make a DIY nature craft construction set

Of course, before you begin you’ll need to head outdoors!

Do you have kids who like to collect natural items whilst out on walks or when visiting the park? Mine do, and if I slow down, carefully look at each item and take the time to appreciate them I can see why. Each seedpod, stick, leaf, and stone is unique to itself and amazing in its own way.

Sometimes we’ve had quite a collection built up on the front porch or displayed on shelves around our house and recently I decided to put them to good use by creating a DIY Nature Craft Construction Set.

You’ll see that I’ve used mostly sticks, leaves, pine cones, and seed pods but you could easily add rocks, shells, pebbles, flowers, or whatever else you happen to collect.

It was a lot of fun and I love that this is one craft that has a minimal impact on our environment (excluding the plastic in the googly eyes, which you can always re-use in crafts later). I love that it’s open-ended and inspires kids to use their imagination and creativity, plus it’s suitable for all ages from preschoolers to adults – or perhaps that’s just me!


Nature craft construction kit made from leaves, sticks, twigs, seed pods, pine cones etc. with blu tack and googly eyes

You will need:

  • Sticks and twigs
  • Leaves – use a combination of fresh and dry leaves
  • Seed pods
  • Other nature items that catch your eye and imagination
  • Blu-tack (sticky tack) and googly eyes
  • A tray to put the items on

How to:

Set your items out on the table and get creative!

The girls and I made lots of cool things together, and each new creation only inspired more new ideas.

leaf face nature craft for kids

kid-made leaf faces

We created lots of leaf faces, pictured above. Below are some of our other creatures: a caterpillar, a duck, mice, butterfly, dragonfly and cricket.

duck nature craft for kids

caterpillar nature craft for kids

turtle nature craft for kids

mice nature craft for kids

dragonfly nature craft

butterfly nature craft

The blu-tack works a treat for connecting the seed pods together and attaching the googly eyes. Once you’re finished you can take the creations apart to make something new, just like lego and other kids construction sets.

We even made some fairy toadstools and a fairy.


Fairy nature craft

Isn’t she cute?

What else could you make?

Nature + googly eyes + blu tack = awesome DIY nature craft construction set. This is a great STEM craft for kids which is simple to set up and can provide a whole afternoon of open ended play. #naturecraft #STEM #STEAM #kidscrafts #kidsactivities #openendedplay #preschool #outdoors #eaarthday #thecrafttrain