Kysen really enjoyed shaking the Easter eggs to try and find the matching sounds.  He was so excited to see what was inside the eggs as he matched the sounds.

Language is learned through exposure to sounds. Children pick up words they hear in their environment. Their listening skills also influence their ability to learn to both read and write, and they greatly influence their social skills as well.

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 Things from around the house to fill the eggs (we used cotton balls, rocks, shells, pennies, rice and oatmeal).

First fill your eggs.  I used 6 different materials so we used 12 eggs.


                      Rice                                         Rocks                                       Shells

                 Oatmeal                                 Cotton Balls                                 Pennies

Then mix all the eggs up.  Have your child shake them and listen to the sounds.  They are trying to find the 2 eggs that make the same sound.  Kysen didn’t know what was in the eggs.  He was so surprised each time he opened them.

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