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Make a spinning top DIY toy from a plastic milk bottle lid and a toothpick. This is a fun recycling craft that becomes a toy for play.

This craft idea was first published in 2013 and has been updated and reshared for today’s audience.

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Recycled bottle cap spinning top craft

I was standing in the kitchen, somewhere between waiting for the kids’ toast to pop up and the jug to finish boiling, idly turning a milk bottle cap over in my hand. 

The idea of turning it into a spinning top came into my head, so I tried it, and it worked! I was all done and tested before the toast even popped up.

That officially makes this a two-minute craft.

Please note this is not suitable for kids under the age of three. Toothpicks are sharp and they could easily hurt themselves playing with them, also supervise younger kids whilst they are playing.

This is how we did it …

You will need:

  • Recycled plastic bottle caps (the plastic milk bottle kind works well)
  • toothpicks with pointy tips
  • skewer (I keep a separate skewer for crafting with)
  • Gas flame

How to:

1) Poke a hole in a milk bottle lid by heating a metal skewer under a gas flame then pressing it directly onto the plastic in the middle of the lid. It slides through very easily, but please no little kids doing this part.

2) Slide a toothpick into the hole. It fits in nice and snug, but if yours has too much wiggle room you could always hot glue a bead underneath.

You’re ready to play!

If you want to make the craft more kid-centric (rather than something they watch you make), you can also paint and decorate the lids.

Try paint, nail polish or washi tape for starters. But even without decorating, the spinning tops are lots of fun.

I tested the spinning top on my 3 year old. It took a few goes, with me demonstrating several times, and then to her great pride and pleasure she could do it!

milk bottle cap spinning top DIY for kids

craft idea: make a spinning top

kid playing with spinning top

spinning top craft

spinning top craft idea for kids

Happy days!

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