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Here’s an easy DIY black cat costume made from egg cartons!  

It’s a simple and inexpensive costume idea you can put together at the last minute for Halloween.

This craft idea was first published in 2013 and has been updated and reshared for today’s audience.

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black cat costume DIY made from egg cartons

Where we live Halloween is not huge, but it’s gaining popularity year after year. The kids see it on TV, in the supermarket, and in the department stores and they want to join the fun and go Trick or Treating.

I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on costumes, but I wanted my kids to be able to celebrate too so I decided to make them a black cat costume each. It cost me a grand total of $2 each for black t-shirts from K-Mart. The rest of the stuff we had already at home.

cute black cat costume idea

If you’re a last-minute kind of person (I usually am), you can whip this idea up in a single morning. Just make sure you leave enough drying time for the paint.

If you want something even quicker make, there is a printable black cat mask available in our printables store.

Want to get started on your egg carton black cat costume? Here’s how …

How to make a DIY black cat costume

You will need:

  • 2 cups and 2 pointy bits from an egg carton
  • 2 pipe cleaners in black or white
  • Black and pink acrylic paint
  • 2 bobby pins for the ears
  • A piece of thin elastic
  • Scissors and a hole punch
  • A pair of black panty hose and a piece of ribbon for the tail
  • Black clothes (a t-shirt & tights or similar)

How To

  1. Cut and trim the pieces of egg carton that you’ll be needing.
  2.  Snip a piece from the pointy bits so you can see the inside of them to make the ears.
  3. Cut a little round nose from the flat part of the egg carton, and trim one of the cups into a cat mouth shape.
  4. Paint the pieces black with pink inside the ears, on the nose and on the lips of the mouth. You might need to do a second coat to achieve an opaque look if you are using kids acrylics for painting.
  5. Punch two holes in each side of the mouth and thread a pipe cleaner through each side.
  6. Punch holes in the sides of the bottom mouth piece and the bottom of the ear pieces.
  7. Stick it all together. For the tail braid a pair of black panty hose (we call them stockings) and tie it with a ribbon.

Put it on!

black cat costume steps

black cat costume steps

black cat costume steps

black cat costume steps

finished egg carton black cat costume DIY

black cat costume DIY made from egg cartons

How cute is the beribboned tail?

cat tail made from braided panty hose

adorable black cat costume idea DIY from recycled egg carton

Costumes are not just for Halloween. They also encourage pretend, imaginary and dramatic play. Go on, make one!

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