Many parents investigate the option of homeschooling when they discover that the school system can’t adequately accommodate their child’s special education needs (SEN).

Homeschooling can be a life-saver for these “drowning” children, who often struggle at school because of negative labels, bullying and being stigmatised by both their classmates as well as teachers.

Others battle with anxiety, depression and other emotional issues. These may even result in physical problems such as incontinence, excessive nail-biting, hair-pulling or even more serious forms of self-harm.

Even highly intelligent children and academically capable children may show these symptoms or become withdrawn or rebellious because their needs are not being met or their particular issue is presenting challenges in the school environment.

Can parents really help their children when the experts and professionals can’t?

Many prospective homeschooling parents are plagued with their own fears of inadequacy and lack of professional training. Others are inhibited by criticism from well-meaning family and friends, yet, in growing numbers, parents of special needs children are choosing to home educate, and most are finding that the benefits to their children far outweigh the costs.

We would like to support parents of children with specific education needs by providing encouragement and useful information to support you as you help you children to learn in the emotionally safe place that home education provides.

Even though most parents are not trained specialists, these children benefit by having one-on-one attention and being free to learn in their own unique ways and at their own pace.

Away from the school environment, which for some of these children can be ‘toxic, they can be nurtured so that they ‘blossom’ and discover their gifts and talents, instead of always being pressured to remediate their weaknesses.

In a learning space where they feel loved and accepted by their family, they can follow an educational pathway tailor-made to suit their needs and abilities. In this environment they are free to reach their full potential.

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