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Who doesn’t love baby animals? Here’s a super cute paper plate chick craft which is perfect for Easter or Spring crafting.

The painting, cutting and glueing involved is a fun and easy way to get kids practicing their fine motor skills.

Get the template here

cute and easy paper plate chick craft for kids, great Spring craft idea

Nothing says Spring like chirping chicks. So soft, fluffy and cute. Kid’s are going to love making one from a paper plate.

The lines have been purposely kept simple for beginner scissor skills, making it suitable for preschoolers and kindergarteners. The finished chick crafts make a gorgeous wall display.

Feel free to use your artistic licence when decorating the paper plate – we’ve gone for plain yellow but chicks come in black, brown and tan too. When kids are painting them they can come in any colour! Imagine a display of pastel-coloured chicks for Easter.

The printable template comes in both an at-home version and a teacher pack so that the shapes can be printed directly onto construction paper. This will maximise economy of paper for teachers and simplify the craft for a large group of children

You will need:

This printable template, which is available both in our printable shop and TPT store
• Paper plates in the small size, 18.5cm or 7 1/4″
• Paint
• Paintbrush
• Scissors
• Glue stick

How to:

Print out the template you need. 

For the At Home Version: Roughly cut out around the beak and legs and staple in all four corners over a scrap of orange paper. Cut the shapes out. Alternatively you can cut the pieces out and trace around them onto orange paper. Roughly cut around the wing shape, then staple to yellow and cut out. Cut out the eye.

For the Teacher Pack: Print the pages directly onto coloured construction paper one at a time. Each page of wings and beaks will make enough for 6 students. You should only need one sheet of eyes. Give each student an eye, a wing and a feet and beak piece to cut out.

Paper plate chick template for at home

Paper plate chick template for teachers

paper plate chick craft step 2

paper plate chick craft step 3

Decorate the paper plates. It’s a good idea to do this step first, that way the cutting out can be done while the paint is drying.

paper plate chick craft step 4

Fold the paper plate in half, then cut along the fold line. Give each student half a plate to decorate.

paper plate chick craft step 5

Paint it.

paper plate chick craft step 6

Glue the legs and beak to the back of the paper plate, and the wing and eye on the front.

paper plate chick craft step 7

paper plate chick craft step 8

Your cute paper chick is now ready to hang on the wall for spring decorating! Cheep Cheep.

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