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Do you like our cheerful paper plate sunflower craft? It’s a project that will bring warmth and sunshine to your home or classroom and is easy enough for kids of all ages.

This sunflower craft could be great for both Summer or Autumn — sunflowers bloom in both of those seasons. I was actually inspired by the lovely display of Autumn sunflowers in my Mum’s garden (which lasted about two days before the cockatoos came and ate them all!).

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sunflower craft for kids

Sunflowers have the be the happiest flower out there. Every time I see one it makes me smile, maybe because they’re so big, bold, and bright.

It’s a ‘go big or go home’ kind of flower, not afraid to put itself out there and I admire that.

I decided to recreate a sunflower from paper plates. They’re not quite as beautiful as nature’s version, but at least they’re a lot less tempting for the cockatoos, haha.

How to make a paper plate sunflower craft

paper plates needed

You will need:

  • Dinner size paper plates x 2
  • Side plate size paper plate x 1 (or you could replace this with a circle of black card stock if you prefer)
  • Tissue paper in black
  • Acrylic paint in warm yellow and black
  • Craft glue
  • Glue stick

How to

Cut the centre circle out of the small paper plate and paint it black. Discard the outer circle.

small paper plate

black centre circle of sunflower craft

Paint the large paper plates yellow. Allow to dry.

Once dry, fold each large paper plate in half, then in half again. Sketch on a petal shape and cut it out. When you unfold this it will look like a flower.

Repeat for the second large paper plate, but this time use the petal shape of the first one to trace around so that you get the two flowers matching.

sunflower craft steps

Unfold to reveal two flower shapes. Glue them together.

Petal shapes

Cut black tissue wrap into small squares, then crumple into little balls and glue onto the black circle to create a textured effect.

sunflower step 8

Glue this into place in the centre of your sunflower.

steps to make the paper craft sunflower

Cut a strip of green card stock for the stem then sketch and cut a leaf shape from the same green card stock. Glue these onto your sunflower.

finished paper plate sunflower

Your beautiful sunflower craft is finished! You can hang it on the wall with some blu-tack.

What’s your favourite flower?

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