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This easy paper roll angel makes for a fun upcycling craft for Christmas. She looks beautiful sitting on the mantlepiece!

Easy Christmas angel craft

We love angel crafts here at The Craft Train. We’ve got paper angels, DIY angel wings, angel sparkle dust and there is even a tree top angel. But you know, there’s always room for one more!

This paper roll angel is super-simple and you get to upcycle an empty paper roll in the process, so that makes it even better.

We’ve used delicate paper doilies for her wings, but if you don’t have those you can design some out of paper or card stock instead – anything goes really and there are no rules.

As always, there is plenty of room for creative license to make this little angel craft your own.

You will need

• Paper roll
• Acrylic or poster paint
Construction paper for the hair
• A small paper doily for the wings
White Glitter
Sparkly gold paper for the halo
• Scissors and craft glue

How To

Paint your paper roll white on the bottom two thirds for the dress and skin-coloured on the top third for the head and allow to dry.

To create the paper hair you will need two sections of paper as shown below. Trace a circle around the top of the toilet roll onto paper with lead pencil to give you the right shape for the top of the head, cut about a centimetre of extra space around this and fringe it up to the circle you have traced. For the second section cut a rectangular strip of the same colour paper and then fringe it as shown below. Hold it up for size to the face you have created to get the length right and cut to fit.

paper roll angel steps

Stick the top piece on first, and then curl the longer pieces around a pencil to get the cute angelic curls before sticking it on.

paper roll angel steps

Draw a face on with your sharpies, glue the doily to the back folded in half for wings and glitter the bottom edge of the dress.

The halo is a small strip of gold metallic paper glued into a circle and held in place over the top of the head by a small strip of white card.

paper roll angel steps

Allow it to dry and you have your angel – simple but lovely!

paper roll angel craft for kids - beautiful toilet roll angels

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