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Here’s a festive freebie for New year crafting – printable new year party hats in four different designs!

This is a fun idea to help kids celebrate the new year in a creative way at home or together in a group.

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party hats 2021 printable designs

For lots of people, the New Year celebration is going to be a little different this year. There aren’t going to be large events with huge crowds, and there probably won’t be too many parties.

To be honest, as a parent, this is not too far too from normal for us – we usually stay at home anyway, haha. We might have sparklers in the backyard with a BBQ, watch the fireworks on TV or walk to the top of the hill where we can see the them going off across the city of Sydney from a distance (although they look pretty tiny from the edge of the mountains).

You can celebrate the New Year at home with your kids by making one of these free printable 2021 party hats. They could also work as a kids’ table craft for a group gathering, or you could even make them to wear for a New Year zoom party (this would work out best if everyone printed one and made it in advance).

There are four alternative designs to choose from, although only one has been pictured as made. 

How to make our printable new year party hats

You will need:

  • Pencils, crayons or felt tip pens
  • Glue stick or stapler
  • Scissors
  • Our free New Year party hat templates – enter your details into the box provided and they will be emailed to you

How to:

  1. Print your chosen design out and colour it in
  2. Cut out the pieces
  3. Staple or glue the back piece to the front piece with the design facing outward

Now it’s time to party!

printable paper hats – party hats for New Year 2021

print design out and colour it in

This picture shows the hat glued together from the back.

Back of party hat

New year party hat printable

We hope you all have a happy and safe New Year.

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