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Here’s a quick and easy idea – make a printable dinosaur paper bracelet.

This simple paper craft is a great way to support kids learning about dinosaurs, or just a fun activity for all those dino-lovers out there.

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Dinosaur paper bracelet

Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaurs are notorious for being one of the biggest, scariest carnivores to ever walk the planet. Before we get started, here are a few fun T-Rex facts you can talk about with the kids while they make their dino bracelet.

Fun T-rex facts for kids

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex means ‘Tyrant Lizard King’, derived from Greek and Latin words
  • The T-Rex lived in North America, approximately 65-68 million years ago – what is known as the Cretaceous period
  • It was approximately the size of a two-story house: around 12m (40 feet) in length and 6m (20 feet) tall
  • Their teeth were the size of bananas and could rip up to 100kg of meat off in a single chomp
  • The T-rex’s arms were strong enough to hold prey but too short to reach its mouth
  • For a long time its been assumed that T-Rex’s were fast runners (especially by Hollywood movies). However, new research shows that humans could outrun them. Their top speed is estimated at around 12 miles per hour – any faster than that and their bones would have shattered
  • It’s believed that the T-Rex’s were smart because their brain size was twice as big as that of other giant carnivores

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How to make a dinosaur paper bracelet

You will need

  • pencils, crayons or markers for colouring
  • scissors
  • glue
  • This free printable dinosaur paper bracelet template Dinosaur paper bracelet

How to

Simply print, colour, cut out and glue together.

paper dinosaur printable craft for kids

printable dinosaur paper bracelet craft

printable dinosaur arm band craft for kids

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donisaur printable craft for kids