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Learn about the Solar System with this set of free printable solar system cards for kids!

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Free printable solar system cards for kids

Are you the kind of person who can remember all the planets in order? I confess I’m not. This set of printable solar system cards has been designed to help kids learn to do just that.

Each card features a photograph of a planet along with its name and the number it is in order from the sun. It also includes the sun (no number) and the moon (3b, because it’s not a planet).

Officially, our solar system is the only star with planets orbiting it to be called a ‘solar system’. 

But we are not the only planetary system out there that includes a star with planets orbiting around it. According to the NASA website, there are 3260 and counting within the Milky Way alone. And remember, the Milky Way is just one of billions of galaxies, so there would be way more than that.

Kind of makes you feel small, doesn’t it?

To make you feel even smaller, let me point out that to get from one end of the Milky Way to the other, you’d have to travel at the speed of light for 100,000 years.

Amazing, right?

How to use the printable solar system cards

free printable set of solar sytem cards for kids to help learn about the planets

Here are a few different ways you can use the cards:

  • Put the cards in order or number to help learn the order of planets.
  • Print out two copies of the cards and use them as a memory match game. This will help kids to learn the visual appearance of each planet.
  • Use a single card as the reference for a planet artwork (I’ll have an example of this in the coming weeks)
  • Have one person hold the cards and quiz a second person. Ask questions like ‘Which planet is the 5th closest to the sun?’, ‘What colour is Mars?’, or ‘What number away from the Sun is Jupiter?’

solar system printable planet cards for kids with photographs

Get the Solar System cards

To get your copy of the Solar System cards enter your details in the form below and they will be sent to you via email.

free printable solar system planet photo cards for kids


I hope you have fun with the cards!

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