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Here are some super simple pumpkin and ghost Halloween treats kids can make.

These cuties are a fun idea to hand out to trick or treaters and they’d also make quick and easy DIY Halloween party favours too.

We like to use them for reverse trick or treating though.

Note: We originally created these treats last year, but with COVID around please take proper precautions by wearing a mask, gloves and using tongs when making them. Alternatively, fill with pre-wrapped sweets (Hershy kisses might work).

Halloween pumpkin and ghost treats

I’m one of those people who love homemade goodies, especially treats! 

Unfortunately I don’t have a flair for baking, rather a flair for burning things and failed baking instead, haha. 

Good thing these handmade pumpkin and ghost treat bundles don’t require any baking at all. They’re as easy to make as they look, and you can individualise them and add your own creative touch by designing different spooky faces to glue onto the front.

Here’s how to make some at home…

You will need:

  • Tissue paper in white and orange, cut into squares approx 25-30cm (it doesn’t need to be exact)
  • Marshmallows
  • Pipe cleaners
  • White paper
  • Black marker
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

How to:

Place a pile of marshmallows in the centre of your tissue paper square. I make the bundle 2 sheets thick.

Place the marshmallows onto the tissue paper square

Wrap it into a bundle and twist a pipe cleaner around the top. Curl the pipe cleaner around your finger or a pencil to turn it into a spring.

Wrap it into a bundle and secure with a pipe cleaner

Next, on a scrap of white paper, draw two eyes and a mouth. For the ghost, make them spooky and for the pumpkin make them look like Jack-o-lantern features.

steps - draw a spooky face and cut it out

Cut the features out and glue onto the front of the bundle with a glue stick.

Adorable pumpkin and ghost halloween treats, handmade from marshmallows wrapped in tissue paper #halloween #pumpkin #ghost

Make some more…

DIY Halloween treats, ghost and pumpkin themed. Cute to hand out to trick or treaters!

Halloween treat bundles that look like ghosts and pumpkins. Would make a fun Halloween party favour

Now it’s time to give your friends and neighbours a spooky surprise – BOO!

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Adorable pumpkin and ghost handmade treats for Halloween made from marshmallows wrapped in tissue paper. Use as a cute handmade gift idea for friends or trick or treaters #halloweentreats #trickortreat #pumpkin #ghost #kidscrafts #kidsactivities #thecrafttrain