Need an easy to set up activity? Want to teach your preschooler about shapes? Try this simple shape matching activity for preschoolers!

Hunts are my favorite activity to pull out when the day is dragging. They are so easy to make. You just need paper, tape, and some markers. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Did you know that shapes are EVERYWHERE??!! They are on signs, in books, around your house, and even in numbers and letters.

When kids know their shapes, they can better make sense of their world. They can categorize things in their brain better and it actually makes life easier for them!

Why teach preschoolers about shapes?

Learning shapes teaches your little ones learn…

  1. How to understand math. Shape activities teach kids about geometric concepts including shape, size, space and position.
  2. How to sort and categorize. Learning shapes and colors teaches children to think about attributes of objects and make observations about similarities and differences. This is needed for problem solving.
  3. How to learn Letters and Numbers. Did you know numbers and letters are made of shapes?
  4. How to use descriptive vocabulary. Knowing shape names helps your kids as they describe things and express what they want to say.
  5. How to use visual discrimination. The world is made up of shapes. As kids learn shape names, if they are looking for something, they can easily scan and make senses of things quickly. For example, if your child is looking for a red triangle, she can ignore all the red circles and red squares. It makes her more efficient as she engages with her environment.

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tips for why kids should learn about shapes includes a picture of a girl sticking a purple heart on the wall

How to set up this simple shape matching activity for preschoolers!

Here’s what you need:

  • Roll of paper
  • Painters tape
  • Scissors
  • Thick colored construction paper/cardstock
  • Markers

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black and white paper with shapes on it and colored shape cut outs on the floor

Prep Ahead

  • Cut some shapes out of construction paper (or use the printable shapes attached to this pdf)
  • Tape a large piece of to the wall/table
  • Trace the paper shapes onto the big paper
  • Tape the construction paper shapes around the house

How to Play

  • Have kids go find the shapes around the house and bring them back and tape them to the shapes drawn on the big paper.
  • Hide again and repeat!
  • Optional: Have kids find the paper shape AND and object that is that shape.
white woman holding the book Shape by Shape by Suse Macdonald

You can also introduce shapes through picture books.

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Shape by Shape by Suse Macdonald is a great story to read along with this activity! The cut paper shapes in the book will fascinate kids!

This shape matching activity for preschoolers is so simple, but it packs a punch! So many good skills are built through activities like this!

Learn new vocabulary, practice taking turns, and build fine & gross motor skills while you play!

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girl sticking a blue paper star onto the wall and matching it to a star shape

Do you have any other favorite shape activities for preschoolers we should try? Share them in the comments!

shape hunt get kids moving with this easy preschool activity