You need to try Shaving Cream Marbled Trees for Christmas! This sensory art project is so neat for toddlers, preschoolers, and more!

We’ve loved making shaving cream prints for years, so were thrilled when we discovered marbled shaving cream art a few years ago! Preschoolers, toddlers, and adults alike find it so exciting! The process is just as much fun as the end product!

This shaving cream trees activity is a sensory experience combined with a process art activity! The whole experience lets kids explore their senses and have fun touching different textures and materials.

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Materials Needed for this Shaving Cream Marbled Trees Art Activity:

  • craft tray
  • baking pan
  • shaving cream
  • washable paint
  • paper triangles
  • several craft sticks
  • towel
  • embellishments (sticky gems, buttons, etc)
  • markers
  • glue

Want to see our Shaving Cream Marbled Trees Art activity in action? Check out our video on Instagram here.

Directions for Shaving Cream Trees:

  1. Cut out triangles from white cardstock.
  2. Spray shaving cream onto your craft tray or baking pan.
  3. Squirt green washable paint onto the shaving cream.
  4. Mix the paint around with a craft stick.
  5. Press the triangle onto the shaving cream design.
  6. Remove the triangle and place it on a baking tray (paint side facing up).
  7. Scrape off any excess shaving cream with a craft stick.
  8. Let dry.
  9. Decorate with sticky gems and other fun embellishments!

What if my child wants to just play with the shaving cream?

That is totally fine. No big deal! The purpose of the activity is to have a fun time together. They can do that whether they make the Christmas trees or just play in the green shaving cream!

5 Tips for Fun Shaving Cream Play

Here are some of my favorite tips to share when families are using shaving cream.

  1. Get the shaving cream that foams!
  2. Buy unscented shaving cream at the Dollar store or other grocery stores and you won’t have to deal with the shaving cream smell. Some kids and adults are sensitive to it.
  3. Use sensitive skin shaving cream if you have kids that have sensitive skin.
  4. Keep a towel nearby for when kids undoubtedly get shaving cream all over their hands.
  5. Take shaving cream art play to the bath or shower if it is getting more messy than you feel comfortable with!

Sensory play and art activities, like this shaving cream tree activity, let kids have the opportunity to develop their self control and be creative. They also get to strengthen fine motor skills as they decorate the trees and play in the cream.

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Have more fun shaving cream art activity ideas? Share them in the comments!