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It’s easy to create solar system art using sponge painting and our latest printable template.

In this tutorial we’ll show you how to paint all the planets of our solar system, plus the sun and the moon, using a masking technique.

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Solar system sponge art

Not long ago, we shared a set of solar system cards. I promised to share an art idea that relates to the cards and here it is: solar system sponge art.

According to my husband, I’m an expert at blowing my own trumpet when it comes to creative projects (and tasty dinners), haha. But I really do think these look cool, and when I think that I can’t help saying so.

This project is suitable for grades 1-6, although for younger kids you might need to use blu-tack or similar to keep the template in place when painting.

the sun, earth and moon art created using sponge art

Creating planet art is a good way to support learning about space and our solar system. You can make just one planet, or all of them. Hang them on the wall in order to help learn the order of the planets from the sun.

solar system art idea for kids with free printable template

To make life easy, the planet cards you need to use for reference in this project are also included in the download.

The sponge dabbing art technique we used is a little messy — so cover your table surface — but it’s a lot of fun. 

Here’s how to create planet art …

How to make solar system art

You will need:

  • The template, printed to ordinary white paper
  • The solar system planet cards for reference
  • Card stock in black or dark blue
  • A kitchen sponge cut into small pieces
  • Acrylic paint in the colour of the planets you wish to paint
  • Scissors
  • Q-tip / cotton bud
  • Glue stick

How to: 

Fold the planet template in half and cut out the circle. Discard the centre and use the outside as a mask.

planet art step 1

Place the mask over the top of your black sheet of card stock. This can be done by just holding the mask in place, being careful not to let it move or slip. However, you might find it easier to hold the masking sheet in place with a little bit of blu-tack or removable masking (painters) tape. The second option would be especially helpful if you’re working with younger kids.

Select a planet card to use as a reference. Use sponge squares to dab colour in roughly the same places and shades as the planet on your reference card.

planet art step 2

Peel the mask away. For the sun, dab a few extra sparks around the edge of the circle in pale yellow after removing the mask.

sun art project

When making Jupiter, add a swirl using a cotton bud to create it’s famous spot marking. Did you know that the spot is a storm so big that it could engulf all of Earth?

Jupiter art step 1

Dot stars around the planet using a Q-tip (cotton bud).

jupiter sponge art project step 2

When making Saturn and Uranus, wait for the circle shape of the planet to dry before using the ring mask to add the rings

Uranus art project

Uranus project complete

Glue the planet label on when you’re finished.

We were super happy with how our solar system art turned out. We hope you have fun making it too!

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solar system art idea for kids using sponge painting and a masking technique