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If you have a child who loves all things space, they’re going to love these space-themed jokes and would you rather questions. This free printable includes a set of nine illustrated cards of each.

You can use your cards as lunch box jokes, party favours, or just for reading practice and fun.

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Free printable space jokes and would you rather questions

Almost a year ago now my youngest daughter turned 10, and she requested a Space-themed party. I have to admit I could have put a bit more effort into the Space theme — it was limited to a ‘spacey’ invitation and a few party games — but you know how it is. I’d already purchased pretty pink and gold decorations so we had a combination of pink and gold splendor with a little bit of Space thrown in for fun.

I created these cards to use as a party favour along with a small bar of chocolate in between each layer of pass the parcel. The cards were printed double-sided so they had a space joke on one side and a would you rather question on the other. In the past, I’ve put novelty erasers, a small bottle of bubbles or cheap plastic toys in between the layers but I always feel like I’m fighting a war on kid-clutter in our home and I decided I didn’t want to add to the clutter in anyone else’s house. Also, the cheap plastic toys break almost as soon as you hand them out, so I find them wasteful to the wallet and bad for the environment.

I worried that the cards would look cheap or boring to the kids, but they went down way better than I expected! The questions generated discussion from the girls and they had some very clever answers. The jokes mostly made them groan but I think a couple of kids laughed once or twice. You know kids’ jokes, they’re a bit like Dad jokes once kids get older, but I think younger kids would find these hilarious.

Free printable space-themed jokes and would you rather cards

The printable pdf includes both the jokes and would you rather questions. You can print out one or both of them.

To print the set double-sided select that option in your printer menu (which differs for every printer), and make sure your page set up is centered.

Free printable space jokes and would you rather cards

Card stock works best but of course, paper works too. These are some of the jokes…

Space jokes for kids free printable

And here are some space would you rather questions…

Would you rather questions space themed free printable

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