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Set up a fun sponge geometric art activity for kids experimenting with colour and pattern. This process art idea is similar to using pattern blocks only way more messy and fun!

Creating art from shapes is a good way for younger kids learn and practice shape recognition. Older kids will enjoy the creative process of designing patterns and combining the shapes to make pictures.

My girls originally did this activity back in 2014 when they were preschoolers, we’ve updated and reshared it for today’s audience.

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geometric art activity for kids

My preschoolers adore making patterns using almost anything. They make them from blocks, paper rolls, plastic toys, pom poms, art materials – you name it.

They have always loved traditional pattern blocks so I thought I’d try creating my own from sponges which could be used to stamp pictures.

The girls really took ownership of this activity. When I set this up, I imagined they’d create pictures of ‘things’ like houses, flowers or simple people (like I would do myself), but they surprised me. The sponge stamps didn’t just get used to make patterns, but were smeared and used as paintbrushes as well.

kids creating art together

creating patterns with sponge stamp shapes

easy geometric shape art activity

easy shape art activity for kids

kids creating art from sponge shapes

easy art idea for kids

This ‘shape village’ is a quick example I created myself, but you can see the girls had their own ideas.

shape art idea

Want to set up this activity at home or in the classroom? It’s easy!

How to create sponge geometric art

sponge geometric art activity for kids

Set up this fun process art activity for kids to experiment with pattern and colour

Prep Time 10 minutes

Active Time 15 minutes

Total Time 25 minutes

Difficulty very easy


  • Kitchen sponges
  • Poster or acrylic paint
  • Paper
  • Ice cream lids or similar to use as paint pallets
  • Table cover and optional covering for clothing (this activity can get messy)


    1. Cut the kitchen sponge into a selection of basic geometric shapes. Ours consisted of:
      – Two circles, one large and one small
      – One square
      – Two rectangles, one long and one short
      – One diamond
      – Two different triangles

      You could experiment with other shapes and incorporate different sizes, don’t feel limited to these ones.

    2. Place each sponge stamp in a different colour paint.
    3. Stamp away!

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geometric sponge stamping art activity