Whether you love it or hate it, Halloween is a great time for Christians to do more than stock up on candy: it’s a time to talk to our kids about how to bring light into a dark world.

You’ll notice that these topics aren’t firmly in either the “for” or “against” camp when it comes to the practice of celebrating Halloween. That’s because, in my opinion, questions about whether Christians should decorate, celebrate, read particular books, or dress up in certain ways on October 31st or any other time of year are applications of much broader questions, like how people of faith approach death, fear, the supernatural world, and our testimony to others.

The discussion-starters below are just ideas meant to prompt you to bring up other related questions—even better, ask your kids what they’ve wondered about related to Halloween, the occult, magic, and what the Bible says about these topics. That way, they’ll know that no subject is off-limits. Christian families should be able to discuss anything from a biblical worldview, and it’s the best place for conversations like that to happen!

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