• Managing the DUNAMAI HEA through liaison with AEE, the Dept of Education (when needed) as well as other, relevant institutions,
  • The completion of the Annual Internal Audit as requested by AEE for the Academy to stay on track and focused,
  • Managing a sound financial system,
  • Providing home schools with an annual Calendar with important, relevant dates,
  • Moderation visit schedules
  • The maintenance of our premises
  • Act as a liaison between the home school and AEE


The DUNAMAI HEA acts as the Principal of the home schools that are “hosted” by DUNAMAI HEA. To them we render a supportive and quality assurance service on behalf of AEE. This may include some or all the following (depending of the specific needs of each home school):

  • Academic diagnosis of students
  • Training of prospective home school parents
  • Assistance with the application for registration as a home school
  • Referrals for CFAM and NCLA tests
  • Assistance in setting up a Master Record system and Cumulative Record Folder for each child
  • Receive PACE orders from individual home schools and collate it into one big order that is sent in to AEE for processing and delivery to the Academy from where it is then distributed to each home school
  • Assistance with Annual Statistics and applications for Certificates from AEE,
  • with the use of the AEE Communicator,
  • with the registration of students for the AASC (All Africa Student Convention)
  • with Academic Projections for home school students
  • with applications for Exit Qualification Certificates.
  • with decision making around the Exit Qualification Options available for children who home school on the ACE curriculum.

The Academy stays in contact with the home schools through regular e-mails, WhatsApp Broadcast groups, moderation visits twice a year, video and conference calls as well as a Facebook page.

Downloads for Dunamai

Fee Structure
Financial Commitment by Homeschool to Academy
Parents commitment to Biblical principles
Dunamai HEA Operational Policies
Dunamai Service Agreement

Other Downloads

(Application) 2020 HomeEducation
Home Education Policy
(WCA) 2020 HomeEducation
Home Education – Standard Service Agreement
Declaration regarding Graduation

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