I still remember the first time we celebrated Easter in our current house. Our kids were small, the carpet was new, and my husband was adamant that I not bring out the Easter-egg dye that year. He’s just being paranoid, I thought, as I lined up the cups of smelly, vinegar-based dye and let the kids have at it.

Then it happened… and it wasn’t the kids either! It was me! As I reached across the table, I knocked over the cup of orange dye and watched in horror as it seeped through the cracks and onto the brand new, almost white carpet. Oops.

This Easter, my kids are nearly grown, so we probably won’t be dying eggs. But, we will be celebrating Jesus! And to make this blessed occasion even more meaningful, I’ve skimmed the gospels in search of verses that will hopefully draw us back to the reason we even celebrate in the first place.

Here are 10 Scriptures that bring the Easter celebration back into focus.

Photo credit: ©Thinkstock/kevron2001