12. Multiple Genres to Engage All Humankind

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The Bible is written in a variety of genres, which make a central message even more compelling and unusual. Storytelling is essential to the Bible. Stories range in detail, but characters are flawed and relatable. Biblical narratives take many the forms: histories, personal letters, genealogies, parables, songs, and eye-witness accounts.

Also, varying genres speak to the importance of the message—God wanted to ensure that everyone could learn in a method that made sense to them. So writers use the following genres: letters, genealogies, parables, eye witness accounts, poetry, prophecies, songs, and prayers. (Hebrews 1:1-3

13. Most Read and Published of All Time

The Bible is the most read and most-published book of all time. The King James Version of the Bible alone is the second-most read book ever, after the Qur’an. Factor in all the other Bible versions, and you have an international bestseller that has been relevant and necessary to culture for thousands of years. That’s impressive.

The only way to truly understand and appreciate the Bible is to read it for yourself. The Bible has been translated into over 2,000 languages. English-speakers have the luxury of choosing from more than 200 versions. Find a version you like and understand. Then start reading it.

That’s the only way to know what the Bible actually says and doesn’t say.

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