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Celebrate for New year with our free printable 2022 party hats!

These are super fun to make at home and you can use them for both real celebrations and Zoom parties. 

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New year party hats printable 2022 design

Kids are going to love these print-and-colour party hats for New Year 2022. You could put a pile of them on a kids’ activity table to add to the fun at gatherings or make some as an afternoon craft when getting ready for New Year.

What could be easier?!

They’re also perfect for celebrating with friends and family remotely on zoom or skype. Get everyone to make their hat before the call.

2022 party hats

I’ve made three examples here, but there are four fun designs to choose from. Best of all, they’re free!

How to make New Year 2022 party hats

You will need:

  • Paper – card stock is best, but if you have none just use ordinary paper
  • pencils, felt-tips, crayons etc. to colour in the design
  • scissors
  • stapler
  • The free template — fill your details into the form below and they will be emailed to you

How to:

Print out your design of choice from the template provided.

Heppy new year party hats for 2022 DIY

Colour it, and cut out.

Happy new year party hats steps

Party hats steps

Staple it together at the sides.

Party hat DIY for 2022

Party hat for 2022

2022 printable party hat

Viola! All done.

Make one, or make them all …

2022 party hats

Happy New Year to you and your families.

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