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Today I’m sharing a collection of 27 inspiring nature art ideas for kids of all ages from preschooler and up.

Nature makes a fantastic art medium because it’s versatile, beautiful, colourful, textural and environmentally friendly. Plus, it’s free! Can’t beat that.

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27 nature art ideas for kids

I love getting my kids outdoors to experience and appreciate nature. It sends them the message that our world and the environment is important, and it also gives them a break from the sensory overload that comes with our consumer-driven, indoor, digital lifestyle. 

You don’t need to do ‘activities’ to get outside and experience nature, kids will naturally play and create their own games, memories and experiences.

Still, it can add to the fun to create something together with your child, or set up an area where they can create on their own like the mud kitchen I’ve featured in this round up. Both art and nature help kids (and adults) to relax and unwind, so by combining them it must be even more so. At least that’s my theory!

21 inspiring process art activities using nature that kids will love

Leaf art ideas: leaf prints, nature bugs and pressed leaf art

21 beautiful nature art ideas for kids

21 beautiful and inspiring ways for kids to create art using nature

21 beautiful ways to create art with nature

21 gorgeous and inspiring nature art ideas for kids

  • I’ve always wanted to try marbling art. Penny from Mother Natured has tried it using nature and the results are stunning!
  • Use natural loose parts combined with drawing to create nature animals, by Make it Your Own
  • Here is a colourful way to incorporate nature and watercolours together, by The Pinterested Parent

21 beautiful and inspiring ideas for kids to create art using nature

21 beautiful ways to create art using nature

nature art ideas for kids

Are you feeling inspired to go outside and create some nature art? I hope so. 

27 nature art activities kids will love