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Create a super cute 3D bunny paper craft complete with a bow tie using our printable template.

This is a fun Easter themed activity for kids around age 6 and over (approx. depending on the level and ability of the child).

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3D Bunny paper craft

Bunnies look forward to Easter all year round. They adore all the extra attention and celebrate by dressing up in their best outfits, usually complete with button-up shirts and snazzy bow ties.

Using this printable kids can create an Easter bunny portrait to hang on the wall with a 3D pop-out head. This craft is similar to our popular 3D polar bear portraits.

The bow ties can be decorated in any way you like – the more colourful the better! I’ve gone for classic spots and stripes.

How to make a 3D bunny paper craft

You will need:

  • Card stock for your background
  • The template, available in both our printables shop and our tpt store
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Coloured markers, pencils or crayons

How To:

  1. Print the template onto plain white paper.
  2. Colour in the details on the bunny head and his torso. Decorate and colour the bow tie pieces.
  3. Cut out the torso and bow tie pieces.
  4. Fold the rectangular bow tie piece like a fan, then pinch together in the middle so that it looks like a bow tie. Fold the center strip along the dotted lines, then glue around the center of the bow tie.
  5. Glue the shoulders and neck onto a coloured piece of card stock, then glue the bow tie onto the neck.
  6. Fold the head page along the centre line, then unfold and cut the head shape out.
  7. Fold the ears forward, then place glue on the back of the ears and use them as tabs to glue the bunny head in place above the neck.

Doesn’t he look handsome all dressed up?


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Easter bunny 3D paper craft for kids with printable template