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How fun do these 3D monster paper craft portraits look in all their bright colours?

This is a super-easy monster-themed craft, perfect for Halloween art displays and decorating. It’s easy enough for kids aged 6 and up but older kids would love it too.

Get the template here

Monster 3D paper portraits for kids to make

Monster crafts are always fun to make! They’re bold, bright, and you can make them as funny, silly, grumpy or happy as you like.

With these 3D monster portraits, I’ve created a simple head-and-shoulders template that can be printed to coloured paper (card stock recommended). Kid’s can then design their own monster faces using the print-and-colour template. They could also draw and design their own monster features.

When it comes to monster crafts, anything goes!

How to make a 3D monster paper craft portrait

You will need:

How to:

Print the head and shoulders to your choice of card stock colour. Print the facial features to plain white paper

Colour and cut out your choice of eyes, nose, mouth, ears and horns.

Cut out the head and shoulders. Glue the facial features to the centre of the head piece.

monster paper craft steps

Glue the shoulders to the bottom edge of a sheet of cardstock in a contrasting colour to your monster.

Fold the tabs on the side of the head piece. Glue it so that if overlaps the shoulders slightly and pops up in an arch sharp.

Cut out a rectangle from a piece of scrap paper and fringe it to look like hair. Glue it onto the chin or top of head.

3D monster paper craft idea for kids. Make a colourful monster portrait with a pop-out head

I love how every monster has his own unique look!

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