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Create a fun paper ice cream craft with a 3D ‘pop out’ effect using this printable template.

The finished art is a fun decorating idea for Summer (or any time of year if you love ice cream!).

Get the template here

Ice cream paper craft for kids

I know that ice cream is a Summer treat for most people, but at our house, it’s more of an all-year-round thing. We love ice cream!

Now you can make an ice cream artwork to hang on the wall, and decorate it to look like your favourite flavour.

I’ve made a vanilla cone with strawberry topping and a caramel choc-chip cone.

Of course, you can’t forget the cherry on top!

3D paper ice cream cone craft

I’ve printed the template to white card stock for these examples. It’s more sturdy for use in 3D art.

You could try regular paper too, it would probably work but it would be more flimsy and easy to tear. For that reason, I’ve recommended the card stock.

While we’ve used hole-punch circles to decorate, you could also draw decorations on with paint or markers (choc chips, sprinkles, flavoured ripples etc.). There is no set rule when it comes to the decorating part, but keep in mind tissue paper is very soft and markers will bleed, giving a fuzzy edge.

How to make a 3D paper ice cream craft

You will need:

  • The ice cream template printed out on white — card stock is recommended
  • A sheet of coloured card stock for the base
  • Felt tip pens
  • Tissue paper in the colour you want your ice cream to be – there is no set size for the tissue paper, but our squares were approx 37cm x 27cm (14.5” x 10.5”)
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Optional hole punch to make circles for decorating

How to: 

Colour in the template shapes and cut them out.

supplies needed to create your ice cream craft

ice cream cone craft steps

Fold the cone tabs forward and then back. If you want, you can score the tabs with a scoring tool or blunt butter knife beforehand to make folding easier and more accurate.

Apply glue to the tabs on the cone and bend into a cone shape, then glue in place. You will need to stick your hand inside and press firmly on the tabs so they adhere to the paper properly.

ice cream craft steps

Glue the wafer above the cone at an angle.

Screw a piece of tissue paper into a ball, then arrange the scrunched up ball so that the outside is smooth.

ice cream craft steps

Glue the ball of tissue paper above the cone, overlapping the corner of the wafer.

Decorate the ball of tissue wrap however you like. You can cut a piece of coloured paper to stick on top of it to look like topping, glue on hole punch circles as sprinkles, or brown hole punch circles cut in half as choc-chips.

Glue the cherry on.

3D paper ice cream craft

How will you decorate yours?

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3D paper ice cream craft with steps