4. Hold on to Hope

Christians around the world can walk their journey with Christ-filled with hope. When we read about Linus’s commitment to visit the pumpkin patch each year on Halloween, it shows us the amount of hope he has.

The book begins with Linus writing a letter to the Great Pumpkin. The reader then sees Linus inviting Sally to the pumpkin patch. Linus goes to the pumpkin patch to begin the ritual of waiting for the Great Pumpkin. At the end, even though the Great Pumpkin didn’t show up, he still says, “And who knows? Maybe next year…”

In Isaiah 40:31, the first line says those who have hope in the Lord will renew their strength. Linus has hope in the Great Pumpkin, and each year it renews his strength. 

Christians have hope that our Lord will return for his people. We have hope that He has the world in His hands.

Like Linus, we should renew our strength each day and year. We have a partner in life that is in control of the entire world. No one can harm us if we only believe. Linus does not care what the gang is saying about him. He does not care that he is missing all the Halloween fun. What he cares about is keeping the faith and holding on to hope.

Throughout the entire story, Linus never loses hope that the Great Pumpkin will come. Christians can look at this example and see the importance of holding on to hope. We have hope in Christ. We have hope that he will return and gather his people to His throne.

Final Thoughts

Linus leaves us with a lot to think about. He clearly shows us how to keep the faith, have strength in sincerity, be set apart, and have hope. His commitment to the Great Pumpkin is not something to skim over.

Fellow believer, we can have this kind of faith, sincerity, unconformity, and hope. All we must do is truly believe.

Photo Credit: ©Unsplash