3. Serve Your Community Together

There is no doubt about it: our world is hurting right now. Universally we are struggling with fear, isolation…and questions around our work, children’s education, safety, and more. On top of the universal way this pandemic has pulled the rug out from all of our lives in one way or another, we are also as a society grappling with the issue of racial justice.

This is a moment for the church to rise up in a strong way to show the love of God to our hurting world.

Yet, it’s not easy to organize an entire church-wide response to our communities’ pain when we can’t all meet at a central location. So small groups can take the lead here…finding ways to reach out to our communities together. Get your group fired up about Jesus by meeting a tangible need in your community in this season.

Some ideas include:

– writing letters to the elderly that cannot safely socialize

– checking with local food banks to see how you can support them as they respond to a higher demand

– finding ways to support foster parents that are without the traditional resources such as in-person schooling

– supporting your neighborhood by seeing if there are projects that need to be tackled that the pandemic has pushed off

– finding ways to build bridges across races

– fighting for justice in your communities

Just use your creativity and talents as a group to meet a need.

The Bible says in Luke 10:2, that the harvest is great but the workers are few. There is a lot of need in our world and it’s up to us to offer the only real solution to our pain—Jesus. When we step out of our comfort zones to see the lost and hurting, our faith comes alive in a powerful way.

It’s easy as a group to want to retreat into your homes, but Jesus calls us to action. Find safe ways to show God’s love together.

Photo Credit: ©GettyImages/Biserka Stojanovic