3. It’s a Combination of Scripture and Artistic License

The Chosen includes scenes and dialogue directly from Scripture, but it also includes scenes and dialogue not in the Bible. Viewers learn on the opening scroll it is “based on the true stories of the gospels of Jesus Christ.” Some locations and timelines “have been combined or condensed” and “backstories and some characters or dialogue have been added.” 

“However,” the scroll says, “all biblical and historical context and any artistic imagination are designed to support the truth and intention of the Scriptures.”

Jenkins, who created the concept for the series, emphasized he is someone who “believes absolutely in the Word of God.” 

Similar to Bible-themed movies like The Nativity Story and RisenThe Chosenexamines what might have happened in between the Bible verses. If you enjoyed those earlier movies, then you’ll likely enjoy The Chosen. But if you only watch films that stick strictly to the biblical text, then you better give it a pass.  

“I have no interest in changing anything from Scripture,” Jenkins told Crosswalk. “We are adding cultural and historical context, we are adding some artistic imagination to these stories. This is not Scripture, and we are not adding to Scripture.”

The series, he said, was created to help viewers love the Bible more.

“This show was designed to enhance our love for Scripture, to draw us more to Scripture, and to bring to life some of the stories that we’ve heard many times,” he said.

Photo courtesy: VidAngel