2. QAnon Believes a Satan-Worshipping Pedophile Ring Is Taking over the World

Q claims to be a government agent who has insider knowledge that the President is fighting against a shadowy group known as the “deep state.” They are made up of Democrats, government bureaucrats, Hollywood insiders, and the “liberal media” who are running an international pedophile ring. In addition, Q alleges that many of the global cabal worship Satan.

Another quote from Q sets up Donald Trump as a warrior for good against a global cabal bent on evil. He said, “The level of importance of this operation equates to a ‘Good vs Evil’ battle that transcends politics. This is a ‘Global Evil’ that attempted to take over America. Many in our government actively worship Satan, Moloch/Molech and participate in Pedophilia, Spirit Cooking, etc. Most Americans are afraid to look this Truth in the eye but True Evil exist regardless of your religious views. This is not a joke and most definitely not a game. Thousands of Pedophiles and Child Traffickers have been arrested since Trump was sworn in. They are all under heavy investigation, including their funds and their affiliations.”

The belief that President Trump is uniquely able to stop “the deep state” runs deep. A popular QAnon belief is that top military generals were about to stage a coup to overthrow President Obama in 2015. Rather than carry out this plan, they met with Trump and recruited him to run for President so he could help them break up the deep state.

QAnon’s conspiracy theories are not limited to Satan-worshipping and pedophilia. The QAnon community has spread theories about COVID-19, the September 11th attacks, U.F.O.’s, and the use of 5G to exert control over people’s minds.

Photo courtesy: ©Getty Images/Rick Loomis/Stringer