A Prayer for Parents Teaching Preschool Kids at Home

Dear Lord, we pray for preschool-aged children this school year; we pray that they would not fall behind in learning important educational and social skills during this COVID-19 crisis. We pray for the mothers and fathers who have to work at home and keep their preschool child occupied, as well as trying to implement fun learning activities. Please give these mothers and fathers the energy they need to do both jobs; help them find the balance to get all their tasks done. We pray for creative energy for those who are trying to teach preschool lessons to their children; please help them come up with ideas that will strengthen their relationship with their child as well as giving them valuable skills for growth. We pray for connection and community for these parents so that they could come alongside one another in encouragement and share what they’ve learned and what they’re struggling with.

Most of all Lord, remind them to depend on you for all things every day. Help these mothers and fathers to start their day with prayer, to look to you when they’re exhausted and struggling to find the balance between parenting at home and working. Help them remember that though they are parents to young children, they themselves are children of God. Let them find peace and rest in the comfort of your presence O Lord. In the name of Jesus, we pray these things, amen.

A Prayer for Parents Sending Children to Preschool or Daycare

Lord we know that some workers are not able to work from home, and as essential workers, they must go into a hospital, office, or store. Lord, first of all we want to thank you for these parents who are going in to work at hospitals, medical offices, grocery stores, drug stores, superstores, gas stations, restaurants, janitors, repair people, government employees, first responders (fire departments, police precincts, 911 dispatchers, and so on), retail stores, and so many others. Lord, we are thankful for their hard work and that we are able to go to these places because of the people willing to work there. We pray for protection over these people that the masks they wear would prevent them from being exposed to the virus. We pray for proper hygiene and caution to be taken by the customers, clients, or patients that visit these places of work or business so that their precautions could protect those they come into contact with. And we pray generally that the spread of the virus would slow and that progress would be made toward a vaccine.

We know that many of these workers must send their children to an outside daycare or preschool; we thank you that some of these care places and schools are open so that these parents have the opportunity to take their children there while they’re away. We pray for safety over the preschool teachers and daycare workers, as well as the children who are attending there. Lord please keep the children well and prevent them from passing the virus amongst each other or to their teachers and parents. Thank you, Lord, amen.

Photo credit: ©GettyImages/grinvalds