7. Their leadership

In some of today’s churches, teens are still considered kids and not yet a valuable asset to the family dynamic. But what if teens learn they are a valuable contributor to the way families are run? Instead of focusing on merely teaching and raising teens, families can allow teens to offer opinions on how they are utilized in the church and in the home. Also, allow them to feel comfortable sharing opinions about household decisions, like how money is spent, where to go on vacation, or what groceries are bought.

Although you do not have take every idea, allowing them to voice their opinions will contribute to the overall emotional health of the family as well and allow them to express their dislike for the areas they feel the family is weak. By offering tangible and concrete solutions, teens can feel they are being used effectively and can develop their autonomy which will help them assume success when they have their own families.

Raising teens is tough, but by understanding and changing your boundaries and limits with them, you can find raising teens as one of the most rewarding parts of your lives. By understanding that contributing helps foster a teens’ self-esteem and self-concept, asking teens to contribute to the family will no longer be awkward—but as a catalyst for a teen’s success later in life.

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Michelle S. Lazurek is a multi-genre award winning author, speaker, writing coach, pastor’s wife and mother. As a literary agent for Wordwise Media services, she is a sought after workshop presenter at popular writers’ conferences like She Speaks and Greater Philly Christian Writers conference. Please visit her website at michellelazurek.com.