7. Never Stop Celebrating the Smallest Wins

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Are you an achiever? If so, this habit might be a difficult one to establish and keep. Some of us are wired to shoot for one big success after another, but in crisis, some of those efforts are thwarted. Couples everywhere are at risk of missing the micro-kindnesses that keep us together, yet a happy marriage is nothing but a culmination of those moments.

When life’s challenges arise, we’re forced to learn how to celebrate the smallest of wins.

The day isn’t without conflict, but I can appreciate my son’s decision to brush his teeth without being told.

My body is exhausted, but a simple cuddle can melt the day away.

We aren’t planning any major vacations, but there’s enough in the bank to provide meals again this week.

It may not always feel like a mountain-top experience, but the enemy of good is always “better.” God is good, and His mercy endures forever. Let’s never stop celebrating the beauty that’s found in the small.

The Lord has done great things for us; We are glad. Psalm 126:3

8. Never Stop Giving One Another Grace

In crisis, we make do. It doesn’t always feel fulfilling or enough, but somehow we find ways to extend grace to one another. We accept that our partners are doing the very best they can, with the wherewithal to see it through, and with the resources available at the time.

“Did you do your best? If so, thank you. I love you. Great job. And it’s all enough for me.”

When life returns to the hustle and bustle, it’ll be tempting to raise our expectations for the people and the world around us. But God may have a different idea about our expressions of His grace. I pray that we’ll be expectant (and willing) husbands and wives–extending compassion at every turn.

Let’s pray. 

Father, thank you for taking the worst, most painful, and terrifying moments in life and using them for our good. I pray for unity and comfort in our marriages, along with steel resolve and a gentle spirit within the heart of every husband and wife. I thank You that You’ve seen the future, and that You go before us, preparing the way. I ask that You would give us strength to step confidently into those plans, trusting that You’ll never leave us. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Meg Gemelli is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and the founder of The Making of a Marriage. Along with polishing her Crossfit participation trophies, she can be found Pinterest-failing in the kitchen, glamping with the fam, or reading a great book oceanside. However flawed, she practices faith over fear every single day.

Photo Credit: ©Pixabay/mina6120