1. Go Camping

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Whether you reserve a spot at a campsite or blow up the air mattress and pitch a tent in the yard, camping is one way to appreciate the outdoors with a measure of privacy.

If you’re at a campsite, bask in God’s creations by observing the wildlife around you, taking a walk in nature at sunset, or getting up early to watch the sunrise over the wooded grounds.

Camping in your own backyard is nothing to thumb your nose at, either, as it offers you the luxury of popping back into your home to pick from the fresh contents of your refrigerator, reheat hot chocolate in your microwave, and use a clean commode as necessary.

Whether camping at a campsite or at home, both locations lend themselves to enjoying the glow of a firepit, doing classic camping activities like roasting S’mores, and stargazing up at the night sky.

2. See a Drive-in Movie

If you’ve never experienced a drive-in movie, now’s the time. You can buy your tickets and concessions online before getting to the outdoor location set up to accommodate drive-in viewings.

As a bonus, many theaters companies operating the drive-ins will deliver your snacks directly to your car upon arrival, or will have a designated area where movie patrons can safely pick up their concessions.

For extra comfort, watch the movie from your truck bed if permissible or lay down the additional seats of your SUV or minivan and pop open the tailgate. Then sit back and enjoy the show!

3. Take Horseback Riding Lessons or Go on Guided Trail Rides

Many horse stables have resumed offering horseback riding lessons and guided trail rides, although some stables are operating on a limited basis and by appointment only.

If this activity intrigues you and your spouse, dress appropriately as you connect with this majestic animal while trotting through sprawling meadows, captivating forests, and gentle hills. Your date will be like a fairytale.

Photo Credit: ©Unsplash/Franciele Cunha