“Back to work today, forgot my pass so I locked my bike outside the Cannon Street station.
Left work at 6pm to find just the my lock cut and no bike, resigned to never seeing my trusty stead again.
I asked the station if they have cameras.
Suddenly, a guy appeared, waving at me, and asking me to put the code into my cut lock.
He replied “I have your bike.”
He had a smile on his face that I will never forget!!
His name is Abdul Muneeb and he works for South Eastern Railways.
He was on a break and saw a guy with a bolt cutter cut the lock on my bike and challenged him to give it back..and got the bike back!
He then took it inside and waited 4 hours after his shift finished so that he could make sure I got my bike back.
The world needs more people like Abdul..
What an amazing person and kind soul!

Credit: Steve Farmer