I did eliminate peanuts/nuts, because it is a common allergy.

Steps for each group:

  1. Wash your hands with soap.
  2. Put on plastic gloves.
  3. Assign one person in your group to each ingredient.
  4. Send one person at a time to get the correct amount of each ingredient and add it to your group’s bowl.
  5. Mix all of your ingredients together using the large spoon.
  6. Complete the questions on your worksheet.
  7. Have your teacher check your work.
  8. Distribute trail mix to baggies.
  9. Enjoy your trail mix!

Reflecting on the Fractions in the Real World Activity

Of course you are probably going to start by talking about how fun it is to eat food in class!  Then ask students what problems they faced?  Some may have found that when they shared the trail mix, they had some left over.  Ask students how they solved the problems? Did they throw the leftover away?  Did they find a way to share it equally? Point out to students that in these cases they had to find a common denominator.  How did they do that?  How did they decide on the denominator based on their groups?  Finally, let them eat their trail mix!  Yum!

Extensions/Next Steps

Although students are focusing on adding and subtracting fractions in this activity, many of them will have noticed that the repeated addition and subtraction is also multiplication and division.  Your next step could be to have the students rewrite the repeated addition and subtraction as multiplication.

You could ask them to find out how much trail mix would be needed if your group made this trail mix 2 times a week?  Three times?  Or how much would each student get if you cut the amount in half?  Or by thirds?

Supplemental Resources: Fractions in the Real World

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