Preschoolers love learning about themselves! You can use an All About Me theme to help kids explore their interests and celebrate themselves. This All About Me playdough activity is a simple way to kick off this theme.

What are the benefits of using playdough with kids?

Playdough encourages kids to…

  • use their imaginations
  • strengthen the small muscles in their fingers
  • build social skills such as sharing, taking turns, and enjoying being with other people when they play playdough with friends
  • problem solve
  • cope the strong feelings (it can be calming!)
  • build their language and literacy skills
  • explore science and math concepts

The skills that kids develop as they play with playdough will help them in all areas of life as they grow!

You can learn more about the Power of Playdough in this post by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

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What do you need for this All About Me Playdough Activity?

One of the reasons I like playdough is that it’s a quick to set up activity and kids love it! You don’t need very many materials to make playdough playtime a success!

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Here are the supplies for this easy All About Me Playdough activity:

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How do I set up this simple All About Me playdough activity?

It’s so easy and only takes a few minutes!

  1. First, print off our printable face outline using the button below. Print it onto whatever colored construction paper you want to use for your faces.

2. Next, cut out the face outline and stick it onto a tray or a baking pan with an edge. I used Contact paper to stick mine to the tray, but you could also cover it with packing tape. You want the faces to be covered with a clear coating that you can wipe off so that the playdough doesn’t destroy the paper.

3. Grab some playdough and embellishments and let kids start building and creating! We used googly eyes, buttons, jems, and more. Kids can stick the playdough onto the face and then stick the embellishments on top of that to make them stick.

What are some good All About Me themed books for kids?

There are so many wonderful book options! I Like Myself by Karen Beaumont encourages kids to appreciate everything about themselves and celebrate themselves!

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