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Australian crafts are fun all year round but at this time of year, during the lead up to Australia Day, I get especially inspired to celebrate all things Aussie.

Here is a collection of Australian-themed crafts and printables for kids we’ve made over the years.

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Australian crafts and printables for kids – over 20 fun ideas!

What does the word ‘Australia’ make you think of?

The media tells us to think of zinc-covered noses, lamington cakes, meat pies and cricket. I don’t like cricket (that’s very un-Australian, I know), I haven’t worn zinc on my nose since the 80’s and if I buy a meat pie it has to be tandoori-chicken flavoured. I will, however, happily eat up all the lamington cakes!

What do I think of? The smell of sunscreen and salt at the beach, bushwalking through national parks, rust-coloured sandstone cliffs lit up like fire in the sunset, summer evenings filled with noisy cicadas shrilling and gum leaves crunching under my feet. And, of course, all of the unique animals that inhabit this country.

The problem with Australia Day is that it’s right at the end of the Summer holidays, so I’ve usually been spending time with my family rather than craft blogging. But, we still have lots of fun ideas from our archives to share with you if you’re in the mood for a bit of Aussie crafting.

20+ Australian crafts and activities

Wattle art, cardboard tube lizards and hand-painted cicada shells

Koala card, gumleaf dreamcatcher and printable koala masks

paper chain snakes, paper plate possum and cockatoo pencil tins

  • Make some realistic paper chain pythons based on species from Tropical North Queensland. There is the Green Tree python, the Jungle carpet python and a blank one so you can design your own snake pattern
  • Nothing is more Australian than possums crashing onto your roof in the middle of the night (or worse, setting up their home in there!). Make a paper plate ringtail possum with our printable template
  • Upcycle tin cans into cockatoo pencil tins

green tree frog, paper plate cassowary, gumnut baby costume and egg carton sugar glider

australian animal succulent garden, gum leaf painting and neon cicada shells

paper plate australian animal collection

You can get all of these paper plate Australian animals in our paper plate Australian animal ebook. It includes the printable templates, finished examples, craft instructions and facts about each animal.

I hope you all have a great Australia Day!

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Australian crafts and printables for kids – over 20 fun ideas!