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Here’s a simple Autumn doodle art idea using patterning. This is a fun and relaxing art activity to help practice mindfulness and would make a lovely wall display at home or in the classroom for Fall or Autumn.

We’ve already shared paper leaf mosaic art and comic leaf art using our open-ended printable leaf templates. Autumn doodle art is a third project you can make with the same printable, but of course there are many more things you could do with them too!

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This art project is a variation of our popular handprint doodle art, only the handprint has been switched for a leaf shape.

You could easily make your leaf doodle art Spring or Summer themed by switching the colour of the leaf to green and the background to a light Spring colour like sky blue or a different shade of  green to the leaf.

Doodle art for Autumn or Fall

As with our paper mosaic art project, the biggest challenge with doodle art for kids is having the patience to fill in all of the spaces with pattern. Younger kids (6 and under) may not be able to complete the project because they have a short attention span. You could modify the project for them by making the sections larger, the markers thicker so the patterns take less time (or use crayons instead) and also by sectioning up the leaf only and leaving the background blank so there is less space to fill.

For older kids and adults, you could use a fine liner pen to create more complex, detailed patterns and stick more than one leaf down so there are more sections to fill. 

The doodling can be a very soothing process, and is a good way to relax and unwind. I really enjoy this activity myself!

You will need:

  • Our printable paper leaves template, available both in our printables store and our TPT store
  • Construction paper in Autumn hues – card stock or ordinary paper both work fine
  • A glue stick
  • Black sharpie marker

How to

Print the leaf shape you wish to use directly to coloured construction paper. Cut the leaf out and glue to a sheet of paper in a contrasting colour.

Autumn doodle art step 1

Trace around the leaf with your marker and add a line up the centre.

Autumn doodle art step 2

Create wavy lines diagonally across the page one way, then the other way creating sections.

Autumn doodle art step 3

Fill each section with a different pattern.

Autumn doodle art step 4

Once all the sections are filled, you’re done!

Easy doodle Fall art project

Try changing it up by sticking down a selection of smaller leaves.

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Autumn leaf doodle art project for kids #autumn #fall #doodleart #kidsart #artactivity #patternart #papercraft #leafart