What a fun science activity!  The boys were super excited about this one, especially when they saw the water and water squirters.  This was a fun way to talk about balancing weight.  We used the big squigzs and the small squigzs. Then we collected a bunch of different balls from around the house.  The boys quickly realized the heavier balls needed to go on the big squigzs and the lighter balls could go on the small squigzs.

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Squigzs Big and Small ( If you only have one size that will work too)
Collection of balls from around the house
Bucket of water
Water squirters

Here is a video of the boys doing the activity! 

How to Play:

Spread the squigzs out around the table.  Then have your child or children balance the balls on the squigzs.  

Next fill a bucket with water.  Have each child grab a water squirter.  When you say go see how long it takes them to get all the balls off the squigzs.  The boys wanted to do this over and over trying to beat their fastest time.  


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