This game is great for hand eye cordination. The boys really had fun with this one. They started off just trying to get the balls in the hole. Then they tried it with two plates. Then they wanted to get it in the hole and bounce it into the bucket. I loved how they kept coming up with new challenges on their own!

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Ping Pong balls
Paper Plate
Large Craft Stick
Hot Glue Gun
Razor cutter

First cut a hole in a paper plate.  I used a razor cutter. Then hot glue a large craft stick to the back of the plate. 


Then get some ping pong balls and a bucket and you are ready to go.  At first the boys tried just getting one ping pong ball in the hole.  Then they kept adding more balls as they got good at it.  


Next they wanted to try using 2 plates.


Last they wanted to get the ping pong ball in the hole and bounce it into the bucket.