Ready for an awesome outdoor activity? Let’s make Bubble snakes! Bubbles snakes are the coolest way to make bubbles with kids.

This classic bubble activity has been a favorite of ours for so many years! We were introduced to bubble snakes by Tammy of Housing a Forest and they were an IMMEDIATE hit with kids and adults!

Have a bunch of pesky unmatched socks lying around at your house? Bubbles snakes are the perfect use for all those socks you wind up with that don’t have any buddies!

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Supplies you’ll need for a bubble snake blower; sock, pool noodle, and rubber band

How to set up for making bubble snakes:

You probably already have most of the supplies you’ll need to make bubble snakes! You can make these with a pool noodle or an empty water bottle.

Here’s what you need:

➡️ Pool noodle pieces (or a plastic water/soda bottle with the end cut off)
➡️ A sock
➡️ Rubber band
➡️ Scissors
➡️ Dish soap (or bubble solution)
➡️ (Optional) Food coloring

(Top) Bubble Snake using a piece of pool noodle (Bottom) Bubble snake using a water bottle

How do you make a bubble snake blower?

Making a bubble snake blower is so easy! Here’s what you need to do:

  • Cut off the bottom of a sock and wrap it around the bottle or pool noodle piece.
  • Secure the sock onto the bottle/pool noodle with a rubber band
  • Dip the sock covered end of the bubble snake blower in bubble solution
  • Blow slowly and watch the bubbles come out!

To make bubble solution, mix up some water and baby bubble bath OR use some dawn dish soap and water! Add some glycerin to make the bubbles even better!

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Girl makes a bubble snake using a pool noodle!


⚠️ Make sure your kiddos know how to BLOW OUT before you try this, otherwise they’ll suck in some bubble solution and it can be dangerous. We usually have kids who can blow, blow the bubbles and the other kids run around and grab the bubbles that fall and cover themselves in them. It is so fun!

How do you make a rainbow bubble snake?

Rainbow bubble snakes are a colorful way to make bubbles! All you need is food coloring!

Just drip some food coloring onto the sock, dip the bubble snake blower into the bubble solution, and blow!

The slower you blow, the longer your bubble snake will grow!

Bubble snakes work best on calm days where there isn’t too much wind.

We love putting the bubbles on our heads and playing with them after they fall down!

WARNING! Food coloring can stain clothing, so make sure you wear clothes that you are ok getting dirty when you do this. We didn’t get any food coloring on our clothes, but if your kiddos put the rainbow bubbles on their clothes, it could happen.

Do you have any other favorite outdoor activities your kids love? Have you tried bubble snakes before? Tell us about your experience in the comments!