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Welcome to our annual Camp Mom Summer Camp at Home!

As I mentioned earlier this summer, summer is NOT cancelled! I want you to have the tools to make this summer just as memorable as any other summer. I’m kind of at a lazy point in the summer, so I guarantee these activities won’t be hard!

Camp Mom was designed to be a simple and inexpensive way for you to have fun with your kids during the summer!

Summer feels extra long this year, which is why I waited until mid-summer to kick off Camp Mom! If you’ve run out of ideas (or steam), these easy ideas can help you get motivated to try a few new (or old favorite) activities!

Inside this post there are 4 themed weeks of easy to use FREE at home summer camp plans for you!

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painting with water balloons, feeding the lego monsters, painting on ice, and doing ice excavation

How can I set up my own Camp Mom?

First off, you can call your camp so many things — Camp Mom, Camp Dad, Camp Grandma… whatever works or whatever your kids want to call it.

Now that we’ve got the name squared away, here’s how to get started!

How to set up Summer Camp at Home

1. Set your goals for Summer Camp!

Each year our Camp Mom goals are…

  1. Use materials we already have around the house (so we save some $$)
  2. Focus on a new theme each session (usually one week long, but sometimes we just do everything in one day!)
  3. Have fun together! (either just our family… or with friends we invite to join us)

Camp Mom has been happening every summer since 2010 and I’m so excited to kick it off again!

Decide how often you want to try summer camp activities and make a plan or just fly by the seat of your pants and see how the week goes and what you can accomplish. We’ve got you covered with ideas either way!

2. Download your FREE Summer Camp activity plans!

These are a similar format to our Life Skills School activity plans that have already been a hit this summer!

Download FREE Camp Mom Summer Camp Plans NOW!

printable Camp Mom summer camp activity plans

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3. Gather your materials!

Most of the materials on our supplies lists are pretty quick to pull together and many of them will already be things that you have around you house!

4. Get started!

You can start on any day and start with any theme! I’ll be sharing a few of the activities over on Instagram over the next few weeks. Come see them in action!

What are the Summer Camp Themes?

We have four fun weekly summer camp themes ready for you!

LEGO WEEK- LEGO is one of our favorite popular camp themes. There are so many fun things to build and create and do with LEGO bricks! If you don’t have any, use any other type of building materials.

SHAPE WEEK- These hands-on movement activities are a fun way to explore shapes with kids.

FIZZ WEEK- Anything fizzy is always a hit over here. These activities mostly just use our two favorite materials- baking soda and vinegar- plus a few other things and get kids doing simple science activities.

ART WEEK- These are easy art activities that get kids exploring some unique materials. Art is our favorite camp theme every year!

You can do the weeks in any order that you want!

Download your plans!

Don’t forget to download the printable plans! You can use them on your phone or print them out.

Download your FREE Camp Mom Summer Camp Plans NOW!

We hope you enjoy these activities as much as we have!

If you can’t do all of the activities… No. big. deal!

The goal of Camp Mom is for everyone to have fun- including the adults!

Do what you can.

Your kids will love it!

Have a great time helping make memories… and filling the sometimes slow moving summer days with a little bit more excitement!

Thanks for letting Toddler Approved be part of your summer!

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4 weeks of summer camp at home ideas for kids