Do you have a car lover at your house? This car fine motor activity will be a hit!

Fine motor skills help kids develop strong muscles so that they can can do important things like feed themselves, zip up zippers, grasp toys, button clothes, write, and more!

Building fine motor skills can extra fun when you involve your child’s favorite themes, like cars!

In this post: We’ll share how to set up this simple car themed fine motor activity and what your child will learn from doing it!

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How to set up this easy car fine motor activity:

Set up is so quick!

Just roll out some paper and stick it to the floor with some painter’s tape.

Next, draw some cars on your paper with markers.

Now you’re ready to play!

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Materials you need for this car fine motor activity:

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How to play with this car fine motor activity:

Once you have all your materials ready, stick on your wheels!

Use dot stickers or reinforcement stickers to add wheels to your cars!

As kids pull the stickers off the paper and stick them onto the cars they are building strong little muscles in their fingers.

Extension Activity: Want to make this activity a little more challenging?

Write some letters or numbers on the cars and stickers. Have your child match the right stickers to the right car. So easy but adaptable for helping your child learn so many things!

Do you have any other favorite car themed activities that build fine motor skills? We’d love to hear about them!

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